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Coffee Flavoring | Sugar Free | Glazed Doughnut - 6-Pack

Coffee Flavoring | Sugar Free | Glazed Doughnut - 6-Pack

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Add a burst of flavor with Sav And Ivy's Glazed Doughnut coffee flavor drops! This is a 6-pack of 10ml of flavor to add to your single-serve coffee container. Just put your single-serve cup into your machine, close the lid to puncture the cover, reopen the lid, add 10 drops into the new opening created by your single-serve coffee brewer, close the lid and brew! It's like dnking your favorite glazed donut into your coffee, then sipping.

This product is made using only 3 ingredients: Propylene glycol (used in ketchup and ice cream), vegetable glycerine (used in herbal tinctures, toothpaste and fudge), and flavoring. All ingredients are FEMA GRAS and are safe to consume. 

This is less than one calorie per serving (serving size is 10 drops). About 70 servings per bottle. SIX bottles, or 420 servings per package.

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